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Professor Bamboozel

Bamboozle, an award-winning, full-time variety family entertainer will be bringing his Balloonery Loonery act and interactive magic and illusion show to Festival of Sail!

Children will enjoy watching Bamboozel create thousands of different types of twisty balloons, all at lightning speed! He’s an on-demand request specialist, seldom ever stumped, everything from a Puppy to Elvis! Families will be entertained with his clever magic tricks and illusions.


PDXYar: The Swashbucklers of Stumptown

PDXYAR, also know as “The Swashbucklers of Stumptown,” will entertain festival-goers with their high-energy Pirate invasion, which includes a mix of high-seas mischief, sea shanties, and interactive nautical nonsense.

Enjoy historical and interactive presentations that teach what life was like aboard a ship during the Golden Age of Piracy.

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Nathan Sloan

Nathan Sloan

“Spending the majority of his childhood surrounded by jazz, funk, and classical music came to be a solid foundation for Nathan Sloan. With scores of outside influence, Nathan Sloan began creating music at age four. Never settling for just one genre, Nathan has gone back and forth between tastes, which lead up to an experimental style of independent pop that permeates his art.” – Paul Zollo (American Songwriter Magazine)

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Crushingcrayons exemplifies the unique sound of hard-hitting rock and roll-groovy-funk jams to spread their unforgettable organic sound. A five-piece band of brothers on a mission to radiate their music, Crayons evoke childhood innocence, but what’s happening here seems more adult — intentional creative violence. A broken crayon is frustrating. But crush them up and melt them, and you have something new, colorful, unpredictable.

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Caught Red Handed

CAUGHT RED HANDED is a popular trio based in Bandon, Oregon. They are known for their strong 3-part vocal harmony, flashy instrumental breaks, and quirky conversation. They play original tunes from their upcoming CD release “Breakin’ Out” as well as a wide variety of music from the Americana songbook. The band brings together Bob Shaffar (fiddle & dobro), Kenny Croes (acoustic guitar, u-bass & banjo) and Mike Dado (bass guitar, acoustic guitar & banjo), all accomplished singers, songwriters and multi-instrumentalists in the country, bluegrass, folk and rock traditions. They perform regularly at pubs, coffee houses, and festival events throughout Oregon.

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